Racket Restringing Services

Getting Technical

String Types

Monofilament & Polyester

           A solid construction blending polyester or polyether. These are quite stiff and little elastic compared to Multifilament strings but provide better durability. There has been a vast expansion and improvement in these strings. Example: Luxilon Big Banger Original, Babolat RPM Blast

Solid core with Single wrap

           A very common construction. The solid core gives durability while reducing tension loss whilst the outer wrap improves playability and protects the inner core. Example string type: Prince Synthetic gut.

Solid core with Double wrap

          A softer feel is achieved although durability is decreased due to a thinner core.

Multicore with Multiwrap

          The multifilament core increases elasticity improving playability. The outer wrap protects the core. Example string type: Yonex BG65ti, Yonex Nanogy 95, Ashaway Super Nick XL, Ashaway Badminton Strings.


Similar construction to Natural Gut. The coreless string is made from multifibres and then coated for protection. It has excellent playability.  Example string type: Technifibre X-One Biphase uses multifilament technology.


A combination of nylon and aramid fibres increases durability whilst retaining playability. Example string type: Ashaway Composite XL